Commit 6a99a0bf authored by Delorme, Maxime Dr (Physics)'s avatar Delorme, Maxime Dr (Physics)
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Added background plotting

parent 5f843a1c
......@@ -82,11 +82,14 @@ def plot_data(zscale=True):
plt.imshow(data, cmap='Greys_r', vmin=lims[0], vmax=lims[1], origin='lower')
def subtract_background():
def subtract_background(plot=False):
global data, error, bg_sub
sigma_clip = SigmaClip(sigma=sclip)
bkg_estimator = MedianBackground()
bkg = Background2D(data, (bg_wsize, bg_wsize), sigma_clip=sigma_clip, bkg_estimator=bkg_estimator)
if plot:
plt.imshow(bkg.background, origin='lower', cmap='Greys_r')
error = calc_total_error(data, bkg.background_rms, eff_gain)
data = data - bkg.background
bg_sub = True
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