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Install Docker:
Have Docker running - either open the application or in terminal (docker start)
docker ps -> check running containers
docker ps -a -> check all containers
Go into the main folder of this project
Execute - docker-compose up -d --build (This calls the docker-compose.yaml file and starts the containers.
The build option is for the Dockerfile - it enables the mysqli extension for the database);
To check if the containers are running - docker ps
Visit -> http://localhost:8000
To stop the containers - docker-compose down
For user service database:
mysql -u root -padvancedweb -h127.0.0.1 -P9906 -> root user
mysql -u service_user -pservice_user -h127.0.0.1 -P9906 -> service_user
For recipe service database:
mysql -u root -preciperoot -h127.0.0.1 -P9907 -> root user
mysql -u recipe_user -precipe_user -h127.0.0.1 -P9907 -> recipe_user
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